Sanitisation & Odour Removal

A property damaged by fire or water is often subject to higher than normal levels of humidity. This could lead to the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi within 24 hours and, without treatment, visible mould damage and odours will become noticeable. This in turn could create undesirable odours and future potential health hazards for the occupants.

We offer a range of sanitisation services to mitigate against bacteria, fungus, yeast, mould and mildew. These are especially useful in the following situations:

  • To stop and prevent damp odour, further mould and fungi growth.
  • After flooding to provide disinfection and odour control.
  • In commercial properties to protect machinery from corrosion after fire or flood.
  • To treat areas inaccessible by other means.

Various methods of sanitisation are employed depending on the damage, building construction, purpose of use etc. These range from wet fogging with eco-friendly disinfectants through to thermal fogging and ozone treatment. All our technicians are trained to carry out the full range of sanitisation and odour removal services.

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