Document Storage & Restoration

Glenbeigh has considerable experience in dealing with the management and storage of valuable and sensitive documents. Glenbeigh Records Management is one of Ireland’s largest records management companies. Operating from specially designed, highly secured premises, it provides its client with the peace of mind that their valuables are properly and professionally stored.

Document Restoration

Building on these experiences, Glenbeigh Fire and Flood can offer a full restoration/management service to property owners whose documents or book collections have suffered water damage. This service is particularly useful in minimising damage to important legal, commercial or valuable documents.

In terms of the processes involved, the first step is to ensure that the documents are removed as soon as possible from the scene in such a way that no further degradation occurs. On arrival at our storage premises the documents are placed in a freeze store to halt the progression of damage. Pressurised vacuum driers are then applied and once stabilised the required restoration work can then take place.

Mould and mildew will grow quickly on almost any wet surface, as spores are present in the air. Deep drying reduces the potential for long-term damage related to mould and mildew infestation. Contents can often be dried onsite; however should they require removal and storage this can be provided at our offsite purpose built storage facility. Files and books can be cleaned and restored to usable condition, saving irreplaceable materials and records.


We can provide property owners with a range of cost effective short or long term storage solutions at our secure Damastown premises. From segregated crate storage for normal household contents to ‘own key’ two hour fire rated vaults suitable for antiques, works of art and other valuables, Glenbeigh can tailor a solution to suit your needs.



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